Beta pages was moved to Orcave's developer pages.

Follows copy of last Pulse MP beta update email.


Hi !

     We are proud to present new version of Pulse MP family products. We 
are glad you helped us in this hard work. From now, old beta pages are 
not funtional any more. Please, visit

and see there all proper informations. You will need to register once more. 
We are sorry for that. This is the very last registration you will need to
do ever at Orcave   :) 

PLEASE, DO NOT REPLY this email! If you are still having problems 
signing up please contact a member of our support staff at

Some of new Pulse highlights:

   - more visual features
   - 32 bit OVE processing
   - alpha bleeding
   - new skins
   - TONS of bugfixes and new features
   - better bug system (Bugzilla)
   - design editor (finally   :)  
   - updated libraries

Thank you for making Pulse the best player!

Orcave team